Now available the Flight+Hotel search engine in Geoclick for Geomoon agencies.

If a few months ago we presented the flight search engine, Wasabi-s Flight+Hotel search engine is now available for Geomoon agencies, in the Geoclick tool.

Geomoon is the purchasing group of the Globalia Group aimed at independent travel agencies. A group with 3 years of experience, they have bet from the beginning on Wasabi-s technology offering Geoclick Flights+Hotel in consolidator mode for their associated agencies.

On January 16, Josep Salvia, head of Wasabi-s, and Silvia Bravo, head of Geomoon-s Communication, Expansion and Development Department, explained the virtues of the integration of the Flight+Hotel search engine in a webinar.

The webinar was presented by Josep Salvia, with a high number of participants, where he explained the potential of the search engine. The combination of the hotel search engine, with more than 60 integrated suppliers, the agency can decide the pricing policy of the hotels (depending on the supplier) with the combination of the potentiality of the flight search engine, with the main integrated suppliers such as Amades, NDC and Iberia, will provide geomoon agencies with a more complete and personalized customer service.

From Beroni we appreciate the trust that Geomoon has placed in us since its inception and we hope that this new tool will help all Geomoon partner agencies to grow. We continue working together!