Technology, especially AI, offers many opportunities for the travel agent.

Beroni has recently participated in another edition of the UNAV Forum for the Future of Tourism, whose fourth edition took place in Úbeda, in Jaén, with the theme 'New times for a new type of customer'.

And it has done so at the table entitled 'Technological innovation, artificial intelligence and new developments', in which our commercial director, Ingrid Graells, has intervened, accompanied by other representatives of the 'tecnotravel', including Maite Añorga(Corporate General Manager of TDCS Travelport), Sara Hernández(CEO of MOGU), José Antonio Flores Montero(CEO of Conecta Turismo), moderated by MarcosFranco, founding partner REINIZIAT and ObservaTUR.

In this session, an indisputable fact was revealed, in the eyes of all the participants: AI is a tool of the future, very present for some time now, which is also here to stay, according to the unanimous opinion expressed. 

According to Ingrid, AI offers many opportunities for travel agencies, and there are already agencies using it to help themselves, and she gave the example of several firms in the UNAV community that are doing pilots applied to their work. 

The tourism sector, in this regard, has been a pioneer in the use of AI, the speakers insisted. "It does not replace the agent. It is a tool that helps to improve their performance and offer immediacy, at a time, moreover, when travel is becoming more complex every day," they assured. 

"AI is the backbone of digital transformation," it was pointed out, "because it is the sum of other technologies." Along these lines, the speakers recommended that travel agents take small steps. Our commercial director even reviewed some of the applications that are free for users to use.

"Don't get overwhelmed," they also recommended. It is a tool, not a competitor, they insisted. AI is going to help, it will never replace the travel agent and will greatly improve their services, as well as optimize their time. "It's a great opportunity that travel agents can't pass up," Ingrid concluded.

unav forum IV Úbeda Jaén