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Group reception

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Management software for travel agencies working as incoming groups.

A group receptive is dedicated to receiving and managing groups of tourists visiting a specific geographic area. Their main function is to organize and coordinate all aspects related to the stay of tourist groups, ensuring that they have a smooth and pleasant experience during their visit.

Generation of predefined templates to keep track of fixed or variable costs, and a forecast of the final profit.

The automatic loading of these templates avoids human errors in the creation of budgets. Possibility of entering more costs than the predefined ones, or deleting those already existing in the template.

All the information entered is reflected in the group reception reports, to keep control at the administrative level of costs and sales, as well as at the planning level of the services.

Generation of quotation sheets for customers.

All the movements generated from the group reception software are linked at accounting level with the Retailer software to work all the administrative part.

With the following software features, it allows the agency to minimize work by unifying everything on a single screen:

  • Quotation sheets.
  • Control of rooms + pax.
  • Payment control.
  • Collection control.
  • Generation of bonuses for the client.
  • Issuance of invoices and proforma invoices.
  • Visual control on the general screen of costs and sales.
  • Administrative/accounting control.
  • Production Reports.
  • Collection-payment reports.
  • Planning of tickets and/or services-activities.
Collection control
Production Reports

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