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Administration -back-office- in all its aspects and allows a perfect administrative, financial, managerial and fiscal control of the travel agency. Retailer

It manages the administration -back-office- in all its aspects and allows a perfect administrative, financial, managerial and fiscal control of the travel agency. Retailer is integrated in real time with Front Office and generates all the accounting automatically in Beconta, Beroni's own accounting software.

It offers a 360º solution to manage all processes in an integrated way and minimize the outsourcing of administrative services, such as tax filing, accounting closing, etc.

Real-time supplier payment forecasting
Control and alerts of prepayments requested by vendors
Profitability reports that measure the growth of your business on a daily basis
SEPA Payments
SEPA payments unify electronic payments in euros in European Union countries, simplifying cross-border transactions and enabling payments and direct debits to be made efficiently.
BAI Ticket
TicketBAI is a software that simplifies the fulfillment of tax obligations, allowing the issuance of invoices and tickets. It is applicable to all persons and entities that carry out economic activities under the regulatory competence of the Basque Regional Treasuries in the IRPF or Corporate Tax.
Our Retailer program has the option of SII (Immediate Information Service) is the new system of the Tax Agency to electronically manage VAT records. It allows you to send immediately the invoicing records issued and received.
Automatic scoring of the BSP settlement, through a proprietary Beroni system that assigns the differences of each ticket for the correct generation and accounting of the airlines' production.
Automatic creation of ADMs and ACMs
Automatic stitching of all banknotes, allocating possible differences
Significant time savings for the administration department
SEPA Collections
These payments are made following a common standard that simplifies and unifies transactions, facilitating cross-border collections and payments in the Eurozone. SEPA payments can include bank transfers, direct debits and other electronic payment methods that follow SEPA regulations and standards.
Automatic validation
Automatic validation of purchase invoices from the main tourism suppliers, through a system of automatic checking of supplier invoices against sales invoiced in FrontOffice.
Thanks to the partnership with Voxel Group
We offer ad hoc integration solutions with tourism providers.
Higher production with less staff in the administration department

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