Beroni and iryo sign a collaboration agreement to include the high-speed operator's services in the Wasabi-s technology platform.

Thanks to this agreement, the more than 20,000 users of its booking engine will be able to enjoy from today all the rates and functionalities included in the company's operations.

Travel agents in the Beroni community will be able to add to their current offer the services of one of the newest suppliers in the national railway market.

Another added advantage is that the new high-speed service catalog will be available in all three versions of Wasabi-s (suite, web and corporate).

NOVEMBER 30, 2023 - Beroni, a company specialized in digitalization, technological services and R&D for the travel agency sector, will offer from today on its Wasabi-s platform all the content offered by iryo, the first Spanish private high-speed operator, following the collaboration agreement reached by both firms.

In this way, the more than 20,000 users of this technological platform -through its train booking engine- will be able to enjoy all the fares and functionalities that this company includes in its operations, which currently connects with the cities of Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Tarragona, Cuenca, Valencia, Alicante, Albacete, Cordoba, Seville and Malaga.

This agreement also makes it possible for travel agents of the Beroni community to add to their current offer the services of one of the most recent suppliers of the national railway market.

Another added benefit of the signing between the two companies is that the new catalog of high-speed services will be available in all three versions of Wasabi-s (suite, web and corporate).

With the possibility of carrying out all operations automatically in the suite access tool for the travel agent, operating with their own keys or as a train consolidator, or carrying out the management of corporate trips through the 'corporate' self-booking. And with the ability even for agencies that want to integrate B2C online sales into their websites to offer it to their holiday customers.

The new service proposal hosted on Beroni's technological platform has been made to coincide with the launch of the company's new website, the development of which has been underway over the last few months, representing a very important technological leap in Beroni's history.

In the opinion of Josep Bellés, CEO of Beroni, "the agreement we have reached with iryo is an important milestone for our company, but especially for more than 800 travel agencies in our user community, as it concentrates in a single platform the most important high-speed rail offer in the national market. And we have done it, moreover, with great agility and dynamism, so today I also want to highlight the work of our technical team and all the facilities provided by iryo so that the integration could be carried out in record time".

Guillermo Turner, iryo's sales director, said: "We are very pleased with the agreement signed with Beroni. Their technology platform will boost our offering among all our customers.

customers and greater accessibility to them. At iryo, we are committed to providing the most intuitive customer experience possible, and thanks to Beroni, we are taking another step in that direction."