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Wasabi-s Suite is the perfect in-house tool for the travel agent. Compare the best rates in the same domain and create the best budget.

Discover the essential tool for travel agents: Wasabi-s Suite! Optimize your search for the best fares in one place, simplifying the creation of the perfect quote. Enhance your service with the efficiency and versatility that only Wasabi-s Suite can offer!

  • Tariff Comparator
  • From the same domain
  • + 70 integrated suppliers
  • Customize your added value
  • Capture the reservation in your management software
  • Create an instant detailed budget

Multiple options to give the maximum to your travel agency. Technology within everyone's reach.

+ 70 integrated suppliers
Create an instant detailed budget
View Experience
Discover the magical touch of View Experience. Incorporate an inspiring destination video directly into your hotel bookings and your travelers' budgets. Immerse yourself in the visual experience and bring every detail of your trip to life.
Secure PAY
Introducing the new secure payment platform in Wasabi-s! Pay your travel agency in a 100% secure way and without sharing card data. It complies with the RGPD, guaranteeing maximum security and regulatory compliance. Charging non face-to-face customers has never been so easy and secure. Integrate the agency's POS in just 10 days with Beroni.
BI Statistics
Monitor sales trends in booked destinations and hotels. Evaluate in real time if your sales targets are met with tourism suppliers. Track the activity of your offices, employees, corporations using OBT, etc.
Measure in real time the reach of your sales targets
Know the conversion rate of each supplier
Budget manager
Create an automatic quote to the traveler, with the corporate image of your travel agency, in a few clicks and pre-selecting rates from all Wasabi-s booking engines.
In several languages available: Spanish, English and Catalan.
Edit the PVP and the content to be shown to the traveler
Includes a motivational destination video to help you close the sale
Motor Cars
Engine train

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